Commonwealth-Parkville School (CPS) is a leader in the use of updated technology and its integration to enhance the learning and teaching experience at CPS. High-end technology equipment is provided to students, faculty, and staff giving them the opportunity to be creative and move beyond traditional education.  CPS is focused on providing the latest tools for our staff and students to develop Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills. Classrooms are equipped with the appropriate hardware equipment and software, such as computers, speakers, interactive displays, etc.
Our IT Department provides technical support to students, faculty and staff, as well as, professional development trainings on a continued basis. Because of the constant changes in technology, we are periodically reviewing the curriculum and the school’s needs to keep an updated environment and therefore, satisfy the needs of our community. 

Electronic Devices

Research shows that integrating the use of electronic devices in the classroom helps students become more engaged in their schoolwork. Digital textbooks play an integral part of the learning experience at CPS with teachers having the ability to access e-Books, showcase their presentations, and use specialized teaching applications according to each subject. 
A 1-to-1 iPad / Laptop Program was established on the 2012-13 academic year for Middle School and extended to 4th grade in 2016-17. Students are required to bring their personal electronic devices such as, an iPad or laptop each day.  Those devices provide the opportunity for instant research, easier access to information and feedback, and interactive learning. It facilitates collaboration and improves productivity and organizational skills. The daily use of this technology greatly increases student confidence in their technical abilities necessary for the 21st century.
Network / Internet
CPS campuses are fully covered by a secured Wi-Fi connection that provides internet access to students, faculty, and staff. There is a high-speed internet connection at each campus running at 3Gbps. Campuses are interconnected via a 3Gbps WAN Connection. Our network is protected with high-end firewalls, wireless controllers, and servers. Visitors can connect to the wireless network with their personal devices. Passwords are provided by the IT Department when required for access.

For more information, please contact Diego Codina, Director of Technology at 787.765.4411 ext. 422 or e-mail or Augusto Pérez, Desktop Support Specialist, at  

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