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Welcome to the CPS Wellness Program page! As part of the Distance Learning Plan, the CPS Wellness Team wants to help and support the Comet community as much as possible. Please know, we are all growing from this experience, it is normal (and it is ok) to feel anxious or worried; we have possibly felt overwhelmed at some point and stress is part of our day to day norm. The Wellness Team, as well as your directors and the Head of School, want you to keep in mind we are all in this together! If you feel like you need help we have many people willing to lend a hand, from just listening while you vent to providing technical support.
As part of this effort, we are sharing a resource (click here) that was put together consisting from a group of reputable mental health professionals that are part of the Puerto Rico Psychological Association (APPR-Asociación de Psicología de Puerto Rico). On a survey they conducted, they asked participants in which areas they would like to receive support or additional information to improve their well-being. Based on the participants' answers this group of psychologists created this guide which contains really useful information including abundant tips on different activities during this quarantine and external emergency numbers that are always useful. 
You can share this guide with parents, friends, neighbors and family members as it provides different ways of coping. We all deal and express our needs in different ways so communication is key and as we all know "sharing is caring"!!

Student health & wellness is a central objective of the school's Strategic Plan. Students' physical, emotional, social health, and well-being play a pivotal role in the newly established CPS Student Health & Wellness Program’s objectives, which recognizes its significant influence on students' academic and personal success. To carry out this mission, which CPS sees as an institutional responsibility, CPS is revamping its curriculum, reviewing policies and procedures, and looking to providing activities both inside and outside the classroom to ensure students' health and wellness are actively nurtured and supported. 

Free free to contact the Wellness Team
Dr. Mercedes Morris, Psychologist |
Ginny Owens, Director of Admissions & Alumni -

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