Middle and High School

Middle School
The Middle School Program is designed with a curriculum and learning experiences that attend the particular needs of middle school students including social and emotional development.

Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills through participation in clubs, student organizations, and extracurricular activities many parallel to those of the students attending high school. CPS has taken the initiative of adding community service projects hours as a graduation requirement in order to reinforce the students’ sense of citizenship and enhance their human values.

The continuous offerings of professional development workshops related to attending the particular needs of the middle school students provides the faculty with the necessary tools and updated information to better assess and address these needs.
High School
The High School Program is designed to promote academics within a strong college preparatory program, including Advanced Placement and college-level courses.  Students also engage in a variety of extracurricular and service learning projects. In addition, we foster athletics, artistic talents, and community involvement.

It is precisely the depth and quality of our program that gives CPS students an advantage in today’s highly competitive climate of college admissions.  Students are supported by the College Counselor, Class advisors, among others, who counsel and guide them on academic and social issues and remain with the class through graduation. One hundred percent of our graduates enroll in colleges in the United States, Puerto Rico and abroad. We are proud of this fact, but most proud our students are conscientious, confident, and well-rounded young individuals.

Students feel safe to excel in areas where they are strongest, and are encouraged to take chances outside of their comfort zone.  

Middle and High School Curriculum

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