Service Learning

The value of civic responsibility is spread throughout the school, engaging even our youngest children. Students are encouraged to learn to identify the needs in their world and to use their knowledge and skills to support community needs. The goal is to graduate civic-minded citizens who will "give back" to the world a measure of the "gifts" they have been given. CPS encourages service and compassion for those less fortunate as well as concern for the quality of the environment. 
Elementary School
The gateway to helping our community starts with our youngest students as they support different charitable venues throughout the year. The students take part in Unicef and the Heart for Haiti- within the school-wide Family Day event which engages the entire CPS Community and community at large with proceeds donated to the CPS Scholarship Fund and the Matenwa Community Learning Center in Haiti.  
Middle and High School
CPS understands the need to develop the entire child and the role service learning plays in creating social awareness, therefore, the school makes community service a graduation requirement. Students graduating from the 8th grade are asked to submit a total of 20 hours of service learning, which are divided as follows: 10 hours in the 7th grade and 10 hours in the 8th grade. Students graduating from the 12th grade are asked to submit 40 hours of service from grades 9th- 11th, approximately 13 hours per year; in addition, during their senior year, 12th graders must complete a Senior Project, similar to a college capstone project. 

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