Head of School

We are thrilled to welcome you to Commonwealth-Parkville School, a leading co-ed college preparatory school serving outstanding students throughout San Juan since 1952. We pride ourselves on a being place where all students feel they belong, are engaged, and are inspired to get involved. Our students work hard -- they are pushed to excel, and they head off to outstanding colleges and universities confident, globally aware, and prepared for success in their post-secondary careers and beyond.  We know this because we see it, and because they tell us.  Each year we enjoy countless visits from our alumni who return to see their younger friends and their former teachers and to share their stories. 
Being a small school there are ample opportunities to get involved in the life of CPS, and to move quickly into leadership roles in our clubs, teams, service initiatives, and fine arts activities.  Whether it is futsal or forensics, softball or service, there is something for everyone – indeed most of our students are involved in multiple activities throughout each year.

Our core beliefs drive the work that we do with students every day.  Whether it is our belief that learning is a constructive process, that happy students learn best, or that inspiration and innovation come from stretching the imagination, our caring and hard-working faculty and staff go the extra mile to ensure these beliefs remain at the center of our work, both in and out of the classroom.

If you are a former student, we trust your Comet experience has served you well, and that you continue to light up the sky wherever you are.  We’d love to hear your stories, and explore ways you might share your expertise and wisdom with our current students.  If you are a prospective student or parent, we invite you to continue exploring our website and then schedule a visit to our Parkville or Commonwealth Campus.  We have all our prospective students become a Comet for A Day, to experience the school firsthand and see if CPS is the right school for you. We look forward to welcoming you!
Rick Weinland
Head of School

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