Dean of Students

The role of the CPS Dean of Students is pivotal within the school's academic administration. This individual is entrusted with the oversight of the non-academic facets of student life, including student conduct, discipline, social-emotional well-being, and overall welfare. Their contribution is essential to cultivating a positive and supportive school environment. Responsibilities encompass addressing student concerns, fostering student engagement, and ensuring adherence to CPS policies.

Functioning as a crucial link between students, faculty, and administration, the Dean of Students works diligently to enhance the overall student experience, both within and beyond the classroom. At Commonwealth-Parkville School, our Deans prioritize the establishment of an inclusive, safe, and respectful atmosphere. Their dedication is directed toward encouraging personal growth and academic success among our student body.
Parkville Campus
Commonwealth Campus

Mr. David Aldaz, Jr. demonstrates a strong educational foundation and a passion for student development. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Dance from Connecticut College and with a diverse range of experiences, including teaching, coaching, and leadership roles, David is dedicated to fostering a positive learning environment. Since joining the CPS team at Parkville in 2021, he has continued to make a significant impact in students' lives. 

Mr. Rubén Nieves brings a wealth of academic and counseling expertise to his role. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Psycho-Social Dynamics of Learning from Springfield College in Massachusetts and an M.ED. in Counseling from Florida Atlantic University, Nieves has consistently demonstrated a commitment to understanding and promoting positive learning environments. Since joining CPS in 2009, Nieves's diverse roles at CPS, make him an invaluable asset to the school community.

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