Dear Comet Community, 
As we embark on another year of our Annual Giving Program, we would like to take a few moments to talk about the purpose of Annual Giving and the importance of your participation. As you know, the amazing benefits of the education your children are receiving come with a cost, your tuition. We are grateful for your decision to partner with us in the educational journey for your children.  
We recognize the financial commitment and sacrifice you are making to have your child as a part of CPS. The tuition we collect covers all our operational costs. This is not the case for many schools. Our solid financial standing is something we are proud of. It also presents a unique opportunity for our school to grow and improve through generous gifts beyond just tuition. Our Annual Giving Campaign provides an opportunity for our school community to come together and dream about the future of CPS.  
Tuition covers the basics but giving funds growth. Our Annual Giving Campaign provides funds to improve our school through our facilities, programs, equipment, professional learning, etc. Our goal is to have 100% of our families contribute to our Annual Giving Campaign. Every gift matters and is important. When our Annual Giving Campaign has high levels of participation, it allows us to approach additional foundations and organizations to request their support as well.  
We're thrilled to share updates on last year’s projects and to announce two significant projects aimed at enhancing the educational experience of all Commonwealth-Parkville School students. Your unwavering support has been crucial in shaping the transformative changes within our campuses. 
Last year, your generous contributions assisted in the construction of a new classroom at Parkville School and in the completion of Phase 1 of the Comets Roosevelt Theater at the Commonwealth Campus. These accomplishments are a testament to the incredible impact we can achieve together. 
For the upcoming year, our focus will be on the comprehensive renovation of the Parkville School cafeteria and the ongoing improvements in the Comets Roosevelt Theater at the Commonwealth Campus. The funds raised will significantly contribute to the realization of these projects. The cafeteria remodeling is scheduled for summer 2024, while the theater's progress will be an ongoing project, benefiting students across both campuses. 
Your invaluable contributions will directly support various programs across our campuses, ensuring an enhanced learning environment for all Comets. 
Every gift is important, and 100% participation is our goal. We also want to recognize lead donors at various levels. The following are our recognition levels for the 2023-24 Annual Giving Campaign: 
Your support can be provided via check to CCSI, through the ATH Movil Business Account under CometsCPS (with a note: Annual Giving), or as cash at the Commonwealth Campus Office. Upon receipt of your donation, we will issue a tax-deductible annual giving fund contribution invoice. Please note that all gifts are processed through a secure server. 
Thank you for your enduring support and for continuing to showcase your Comet Pride. Together, we can create an even more remarkable educational journey for our students. 
Warm regards, 
Dr. Brian Dolinger | Head of School 
María de los A. Villarejo | Director of Development & Alumni Relations 

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