CPS’ Athletic program from lower school to high school strives to support the School’s mission of developing the whole child. We believe that thoughtfully designed and directed, age appropriate, athletic experiences contribute to the development of the discipline, character, respect, confidence, and favorable habits, which are necessary tools to succeed in life.

The CPS Athletic Program reflects the school’s philosophy and mission. It encourages students to develop physically and socially within a diverse environment. We strive to build personal qualities that contribute to character as well as to develop values such as self-control, cooperation, integrity, patience, and honesty. We believe that some students can embrace this competitive spirit by participating in sports teams. This program allows students to develop their athletic talents and interests without infringing on their full and successful participation in the school’s academic program. It also gives students the opportunity to discover their individual talents as well as develop their self-esteem and sense of school spirit and pride.

Commonwealth Middle & High School is a member of the Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance. Parkville Campus is a member of the L.A.M.E.P.I. League. Both campuses participate in a wide variety of sports, which include volleyball, cross-country, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, tennis, swimming, and indoor soccer, among others.

Message from the Athletic Director

We encourage our student-athletes to challenge themselves through honest competition and to learn lifelong lessons of responsibility, commitment, and initiative. We practice and teach teamwork and good sportsmanship while respecting our student-athletes and their commitments beyond athletics. We recognize that our athletic program is an integral part of the CPS community and complements the academic mission which is central to the life of our school.
Over the past number of years, our coaches and student-athletes have practiced and competed with a deep sense of pride and EXCELLENCE by always giving their best earning championships and victories.  

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