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We hope you are having an enjoyable and restful summer. At CPS, summer is a time to gear up to receive your child in August. This includes reviewing and revamping curriculum and programs, purchasing educational resources, fulfilling staff needs, and preparing our facilities to ensure they are in optimal conditions. Teachers are also catching up on professional development, some attending conferences in Puerto Rico and stateside. 
As part of our on-going efforts to go green and make for a more user-friendly experience, we have reviewed, consolidated, and made most Back to School forms submittable online. We strive to make this process seamless, however, please bear in mind that with changes come new challenges. You should have received your Back to School Packet by now.  If not, please log in to your SIS (Student Information System) account and click on Resources. If you are new to CPS and/or have not set up an account, please go to main page website www.cpspr.org and click on the CPS Login button at the upper right-hand side and follow instructions. 

NOTE : The following 3 forms have been incorporated into the Student Handbook under a section named EXPECTATIONS, SECURITY AND PRIVACY - LAPTOPS/I-PADS, SCHOOL ASSIGNED EMAIL, NETWORK, AND INTERNET
. Therefore,  parents no longer have to sign separate agreements.
  • CPS Email Policy
  • PKS 4th-6th Grades Laptop Usage Agreement
  • CHS 7th-12th Grades Electronic Device Usage Agreement
Also, please note that the Medical Release form is now part of the Medical Evaluation form.
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