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If you think that because drinking is part of our culture our children will be exempt from its adverse effects (including addiction)…think again! A pioneer in Social Emotional Learning and as part of our Health and Wellness Program, CPS partnered with renown SoberCoach/Influencer Aaron Barnes, who came to Puerto Rico for the first time and addressed to our Middle & High School students, faculty, staff and parents on prevention, good decision-making, and healthy lifestyles. 
The Student Health & Wellness is a central objective in the school's strategic plan. The curriculum is being revamped and policies and procedures reviewed to ensure we include the topic of Prevention which is pivotal to the program’s call. Workshops, beginning with Aaron's Healthy Lifestyle:Learn It & Live it, will be incorporated into the overall program aimed at promoting, student health, wellness, and safety across the entire school. Aaron approached our community not only about drug-focused issues but also taught them about prevention, how to speak independently, and avoid peer pressure, as education is key in avoiding drug and alcohol abuse later in life.

CPS recognizes that our job is not only academics but procuring the well-being of our students to ensure we are all talking from the same sheet. It’s never too early to talk about prevention and steps to avoid adverse habit-forming behaviors. Aaron definitely inspired us to all to live a healthy lifestyle and we are excited to impletent all of his teachings to our curriculum.

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