CPS COVID-19 Response

CPS is happy to have welcomed back our Comets on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. Our priority has been and continues to be ensuring that the learning environment for our students and employees is as safe as possible. Our administrative team does not take such decisions lightly and is continuously updating safety protocols to comply with the Puerto Rico Department of Health guidelines, Executive Orders issued by the Governor of Puerto Rico, and any additional measure deemed necessary by CPS. Covid 19 pivotal mitigation strategies are outlined below. 

• Vaccination and Boosters
In keeping with Executive Order 2021-075, all students ages 5-11 must be fully vaccinated (two weeks after second dose) by January 31st. After this date, students will need to remain at home until their vaccinations are complete.  After January 31st, teachers will be able to support students at home (waiting for their second dose, quarantining, or isolating due to Covid-19 or other illness) through a combination of asynchronous work, teacher check-ins, and some live lessons. Please refer to Executive Order 2021-075 regarding the legal requirements and criteria for legitimate exemptions to the vaccination mandate.
Executive order 2022-003 requires that all students ages 12 and up must receive their Covid-19 booster shot no later than February 15th.  However, if by Feb. 15th the 5-month waiting period from the 2nd dose is not complete, the deadline (this applies for boosters for ages 12 and up only) is extended to 30 days after they are first eligible for the booster.

• Masks
The CDC continues to recommend that you wear the most protective mask you can that fits well and that you will wear consistently. They also note that high-quality masks or respirators (N95, KN95, and similar) are much better than cloth masks in terms of keeping you and others safe. You can find more information on the CDC’s latest guidance regarding masks here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/types-of-masks.html
• Contact Tracing
In order to ensure our contact tracing is as effective as possible, we need all students and employees to have their Safetrac bands charged and on their wrist at all times, and synced on a daily basis.

• Isolation and Quarantine
The latest guidance we have received from the Department of Health indicates the following:  If you are a close contact of someone who is confirmed to have Covid-19, you must quarantine for a period of time that depends on vaccination status. (Note that day 0 is the date of last contact, and the quarantine guidelines apply equally to all locations of close contact, including school, home, community, or on a trip).

• Fully Vaccinated (and boosted, for 12+): 7 days,
   with PCR test on day 5 following last contact
• Fully Vaccinated (but not boosted): 10 days, with
   PCR test on day 5 following last contact
• Not Vaccinated (0 or 1 dose): 14 days, with PCR
   test on day 5 following last contact
If you test positive, you must isolate for 10 days, and return to school on day 11 (note that day 0 is the date of the positive test result (if asymptomatic), or the date of first symptoms (if symptomatic).
We are confident that the protocols we put in place last year, combined with changes based on more recent research and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Puerto Rico Department of Health, will allow us to safely conduct our classes on campus for the remainder of the school year. We know that having students learn with their peers is important, both academically and emotionally.

Modified: 1/24/2022

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