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    Commonwealth-Parkville School (CPS) is committed to preparing all our students to successfully interact in a globalized world and the challenges it entails. CPS has been a pioneer in Puerto Rico of 21st Century Education. In 2009, the School adopted a set of educational initiatives for 21st century learning known as Project 21. Since then the school has consistently implemented elements of this new paradigm for Education in the Curriculum and Programs. Through the integration of our core courses and the CPS Project 21st Curricular Guidelines we pursue to provide our students with the necessary tools to master the skills needed for their future work and life environments.
    Our Mission Statement gathers the essential elements of who we are: Commonwealth-Parkville School is an English-speaking college preparatory PPK-12 school committed to provide for the changing educational needs of 21st century students by promoting creativity, values, leadership, sportsmanship, and life skills, within an engaging and challenging academic, yet caring environment.  Our Mission is present in all our actions and endeavors; you are welcome to visit us any time to learn more about our school's offerings.
    We provide our students with a comprehensive curriculum that includes all the required academic courses as well as courses for enrichment, such as: art, music, dance, Languages, physical education and computers. Additionally, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses and a diversity of electives courses. Special emphasis is given to the development of critical thinking and technology skills across the CPS curriculum. These rich educational experiences prepare students well for the Stanford Achievement Tests, MAP tests (given in English) and the College Board exams (given in Spanish).
    In order to nurture the students’ social and emotional growth, CPS provides them with plentiful opportunities to become well-rounded individuals. They may join clubs and participation in sports and national organizations. Through these extracurricular activities they develop teamwork and leadership, essential skills to succeed in life.